Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes

Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes

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Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes provide a single, universal product to disinfect and clean hands, surfaces and equipment. Containing a unique, patented antimicrobial formula; they can be used as a disinfectant, detergent and hand wipe ' replacing the need for different types of wipes and surface cleaners.

Product Description

Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes are one of the most effective antimicrobial products on the market - proven to kill at least 99.999% of germs.

Tested In accordance with European standards EN1276 & prEN12054, this revolutionary formula contains 6 different biocides. Each biocide acts with a different mechanism of action and so reduces the risk of germs developing resistance.

Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes were the first on the UK market to incorporate detergent and disinfectant properties into one wipe. Allowing the user to clean and sanitise in one easy step, they can be used on surfaces, equipment and hands - allowing standardisation of wipe usage by having one universal wipe for all applications. They replace the need to purchase separate detergent and disinfectant wipes, which in turn stops confusion at the ward level as well as saving time and money.

Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes Advantages include:

  • Disinfects and cleans in one easy step
  • Can be used on hands, surfaces and equipment
  • The most effective universal wipe on the market
  • Tested at prestigious UK University Laboratories with validation and full publication of protocols. Our testing utilises
  • European Standardised Test Protocols (EN tests).
  • Not only saves money by replacing the need to purchase different types of products, but is one of the most cost effective products on the market.
  • Patented formula developed by GAMA Healthcare.
  • MRSA kill within 10 seconds.
  • 72 hour residual activity.
  • Safe to use in food preparation areas.
  • Can be used on 'dirty hands' (i.e. soiled hands), unlike alcohol gel rubs, which can only be used on 'physically clean hands'.

Proven Facts:

  • Fact – Proven to kill 99.999% of germs.
  • Fact – The most effective antimicrobial wipe on the market.
  • Fact – Tested to European Standard EN1276 and prEN 12054.
  • Fact - Developed by doctors. Used by professionals

Features & Benefits:

  • Cleans and disinfects dirty or soiled hands in one easy step. - It’s a disinfectant and detergent in one.
  • No need for different types of wipes and surface cleaners.
  • Saves you money because you only buy one product.

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