Cow & Gate Egg Custard Jar
Cow & Gate Egg Custard Jar

Cow & Gate Egg Custard Jar

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Cow & Gate Egg Custard Jar contains textures and flavours your baby will enjoy. Cow & Gate use the best quality ingredients, all grown by farmers they know and trust, to create this deliciously tasty recipe. Suitable from 6 months onwards.

Product Description

Introduce new tastes and textures with Cow & Gate Egg Custard Jar. Cow & Gate use the highest quality ingredients, including creamy milk, sourced directly from the farmers they know & trust. What's more, it's free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives. Scrummy Egg Custard has a texture that is tailored for your baby's age. Suitable for babies aged 6 months onwards

Key features of Cow & Gate Egg Custard Jar

  • Suitable for babies aged 6 months onwards
  • No artificial colours, flavourings, or preservatives
  • Introduces your baby to first tastes and smooth textures
  • Suitable for vegetarians



Serve hot or cold. Little appetites vary. Stir well & serve your baby's portion into a clean bowl. To warm, stand in hot water. Take care if microwaving. Stir well & always check the temperature before serving.

For good dental hygiene, clean your baby's teeth regularly, especially before bedtime.


Food left in the jar can be stored in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

If feeding direct from the jar, unused portion must be discarded.

Best Before: See lid


Skimmed Milk (30%), Full Cream Milk (30%), Rice (29%), Sugar, Water, Egg (3%), Nutmeg (0.01%)

Allergen Information

Contains Eggs, Contains Milk

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