Cura-Heat Arthritis Knee x3

Cura-Heat Arthritis Knee x3

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Cura-Heat Arthritis Knee is an adhesive, air-activated heat pack to provide targeted, temporary relief from arthritis pain.

Product description

Cura-Heat Arthritis Knee is a self-heating system that helps to deliver deep, comforting heat for up to 8 hours. It helps to deliver heat therapy in an easy to use format and works by increasing blood flow to the source of pain, to relieve the pain and aches associated with arthritis in the joint area.

Unique design

This patch has a thin discreet, ready-to-use design, making it ideal to use anywhere. Also, it is portable and can be carried anywhere. This product is fragrance-free and non-medicinal.

How it works

Cura-Heat Arthritis Knee contains ingredients such as iron, activated carbon and water, which oxidise and produce heat when it comes into contact with the oxygen in the air, to provide constant, comforting heat.


How to use Cura-Heat Arthritis Pain:

  • Place the elasticated wrap over the knee area.
  • Insert one heat pack only into the wrap pocket on both sides of the knee.
  • Fragrance free, non-medical and discreet design.


Caution before using Cura-Heat Arthritis Pain:

If misused heat packs can cause burns even at a low temperature. Never apply the heat packs directly to skin. Allow air to circulate over the heat pack and do not apply pressure. If heat pack becomes uncomfortably hot remove immediately. Contains 4 heat packs

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

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