Dettol Citrus Floor Extra Large

Dettol Citrus Floor Extra Large

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Dettol Citrus Floor Extra Large Wipes 25 kills 99.9% of bacteria. The refreshing Lemon and Lime scent floor wipes effectively kill E. coli, salmonella and remove stubborn dirt and germs. Using the trap and lift technology in Dettol's wipes, ensures the dirt is trapped and removed whilst cutting through grease and soap scum. The moisture lock seal on the packet, makes sure your wipes do not dry out and can be used whenever they are needed. The extra strength and large floor wipes make cleaning your floor convenient and easy to use. Dettol Floor Wipes are ideal for fast and hygienic cleaning. So, no matter what your family gets into, your floors are truly clean, and your family is protected.

Key features of Dettol Citrus Floor Extra Large Wipes 25
  • Proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria & viruses
  • Large, extra strong wipes
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Fresh Citrus Lemon and Lime scent
  • Removes dirt and germs from floors
  • No harsh chemical residue
  • Trap and lift technology textured wipes
  • Moisture lock seal packet


How to Use: 1. Pull back the resealable cover, pull out wipe. To use with a mop/broom/hand: Spread the wipe on the floor Move it around the floor with the broom sponge/mop/hand To use with sweeper system: Spread the wipe on the floor Fix it around the sweeper, and wipe along the floor 2. Reseal after each usage & store cover facing down to avoid drying out. 3. Wipe surface for a more hygienic clean and then dispense of wipe.


Precaution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for personal hygiene use. Do not flush down the toilet.


Per 100g of product contains 0.24g Benzalkonium Chloride, Contains Disinfectant, Perfume, Limonene

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