Durex Pleasure Me Condoms

Durex Pleasure Me Condoms

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Durex Pleasure Me Condoms 6s are designed with the purpose of giving both you and your partner extra pleasure while offering protection.

Product Description

Durex Pleasure Me Condomsoffer the peace of mind and protection you might expect from this reknowned brand. Easy to put on, their tapered shape makes them comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the design has been catered towards providing extra stimulation. Extra ridges at the bottom of the condom stimulate the clitoris.

This pack contains 6 condoms.


  • Open the wrapper by ripping the indented edge.Ensure the condom is on the otherside before ripping.
  • Make sure the condom is handled with care (avoid sharp objects like fingernails).
  • Use on an erect penis and ensure condom is on before sexual intercourse.
  • The roll should be on the outside (otherwise it will be inside out). Pinch the teat end of the condom so there is no air trapped inside. While still pinching the teat, roll the condom down the penis with your other hand - if it begins to roll up again during sex, make sure you roll it down again immediately.
  • Replace with a new one immediately if it comes off.
  • After ejaculation (while the penis is still erect), hold the condom securely at the base before withdrawal.
  • Wrap it in a tissue and place in a bin. (Do not put it in the toilet!)
  • Warnings

    Contains latex!

    Avoid contact with sharp objects e.g. fingernails.

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