Kool n Soothe Kids Patches
Kool n Soothe Kids Patches

Kool n Soothe Kids Patches

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Kool n Soothe Kids Fever Patches provide immediate and effective cooling relief for high temperatures and fevers and are especially developed for children aged 1 and over.

Product description

These cooling sheets are perfect for kids as they are convenient, safe, and ready to use whenever your child starts to develop a temperature. When placed on the forehead, it provides immediate cooling relief for up to 8 hours, so your child feels comforted quickly. It can also be used on hot, summer days to feel refreshed.

Product features

  • Stays in place
  • Lasts up to 8 hours
  • Unique gel layer cools instantly
  • Safe to use with medicines
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Fragrance-free and does not leave residue


Directions for the use of Kool n Soothe Kids 8 Fever Patches:

  • Always read the full instructions before using Kool 'n' Soothe.
  • Cut or tear open sachet and remove one Kool ‘n’ Soothe soft gel sheet
  • Remove transparent film from the back of the gel sheet and discard
  • Place gel sheet on the skin
  • If desired cut sheet to suitable size with scissors
  • Store unused gel sheet in the foil sachet to prevent drying
  • For best results, use each sheet only once


Due to the risk of suffocation or choking:

  • Use only under adult supervision and never leave your child unattended whilst using the product
  • The gel sheet should never be placed on, near or over a child's nose or mouth
  • Do not use this product on those who have experienced allergic reactions to medicines or cosmetics in the past
  • Do not apply to wounded, irritated, damaged, sunburned or very sensitive skin
  • Use only as directed
  • For external use only
  • Avoid direct contact with the eyes
  • If your child is flushed or sweaty, they may have a fever - it is, therefore, important to check their temperature
  • If your child has a headache or a rash, or if they have any other signs of being unwell such as sleepiness or drowsiness, you must seek medical advice
  • If excessive redness, irritation, burning or discomfort of the skin develops, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice
  • Seek medical advice if your child experiences side effects or allergic reactions
  • The gel sheet will not stick to the skin if the skin is wet, or the gel sheet comes into contact with hair or clothing
  • The product is not suitable for children under 1 year
  • Targeted cooling relief to alleviate a child's forehead when he/ she has a fever
  • This is not a medicine
  • This is not intended to bring down a child's body temperature

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