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Product Description

1 Single Face Covering is an individually wrapped Face Covering with 5 layers.These face coverings are ideal for everyday use in public. They are easy and comfortable to wear, thanks to their lightweight design. These coverings are breathable, odourless, Single Use.

Key Features of Face Covering - 1 Single use

  • Individually wrapped
  • 5 layers
  • Single use

Usage / Instructions

Thoroughly wash and dry hands before use. Put the ear loops behind your ears and ensure the mask is securely fitted to your face. There should be no gaps around the edge.


For external use only. Wearing a face covering is just one way to prevent illness. Wash hands frequently with antibacterial soap. Always wash hands after coughing, sneezing, cleaning the nose, going to the toilet, before touching the eyes, nose or mouth and before preparing food. You can also build up body immunity by living a healthy lifestyle. Face masks are not 100% effective.